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Subhash Gill
Genre Gospel
City London
Country United Kingdom
WEB http://srg-ministries.org/

Top albums (last month)

Behta Darya 1,387
Sana Gao 1,074
Faryad 1,041


Subhash Gill the creator of album “sanna gao” is a very well known Gospel singer.,and we have upload Subhash Gill all Album’s songs. Some of Subhash Gill famous songs are, Aa bate ghar lout aa. And may others….

God is Using Subhash Gill to spread his words to His people. God has blessed him with the amazing voice which is being heard by millions of people.
Albums (5)
Songs (22)

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RT @Benny_Hinn: The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. —Romans 8:16

Today's Verse: "Khudawand par tawakul kar aur naiki kar..." Zaboor (37:3)

آج کی آیت: "خداوند پر توکل کر اور نیکی کر..." زبور (3:37)

Today's Verse: "Trust in the LORD and do good..." Psalm (37:3)

Today's Verse: "Jo koi hukam maanta hai burai ko na dekhe ga..." Waeiz (8:5)

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